Church Functions Online Only Until November 15

Dear Church Family,

As you know, the number of COVID-19 cases is on the rise in our area. Over these last couple of weeks, COVID19 has now reached members of our church—some are feeling quite ill. Every step of this pandemic, your Emergency Operations Planning Committee*  (EOPC) and your church board have carefully weighed how best to balance worship with the risk of spreading this contagious disease. 

Tuesday night, the EOPC met to discuss these recent developments. After much prayer, thought, and discussion, the committee voted to recommend to the church board that all church functions be moved online through the next two Sabbaths. Tonight, at an emergency board meeting, we thoroughly  considered and discussed these recommendations. The Church Board voted to accept the EOPC’s recommendations.

Effective Immediately: Lansing Church worship services and all other church functions will be online through the next two Sabbaths (November 14). Please note that this includes: Sabbath Schools, Church services, and other church functions such as Pathfinders, Adventurers, etc. 

If you have come down with symptoms consistent with COVID19, please contact your local health provider and one of the pastors.

Sabbath Schools: Under the “Live!” menu, select the Sabbath School class you would like to join. They will continue to start at 10 AM.

Worship Service: Start time will still be 11:15 AM. Live stream is located on Facebook and Youtube. 

We are grateful that God is the one we can trust to carry us through every difficulty of life. This is not the time to be fearful but to trust in our all protective God who holds each of us in His hands. If you are struggling with feelings of fear we we would encourage you to read the promises of the Bible. Good places to start are Psalms 23 and 91.

God holds this church and each of you in His hands. The most important days are just in front of us. Let’s continue to press forward with the great message we have.

The Lansing Church Board

*EOPC: The Lansing Church COVID-19 task force. This committee was set up at the beginning of the pandemic by the church board to allow for rapid, informed decisions as the pandemic unfolded. This committee meets every Sunday at 7PM in addition to special meetings called on an as needed basis. Members of the committee include infectious disease specialists, public health, nurse, nurse practitioners and others who bring experience and medical expertise to the difficult decisions that this committee wrestles with. 

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