At Greater Lansing Adventist School students are getting more excited with each passing day. The last day of the school year will soon be here. Celebrate your student, whether they are your child, grandchild, or one you have been watching grow up, by recognizing this milestone achievement. It’s a big deal to finish one grade and be ready to move on to the next. Let them know how proud you are of them and how proud their church and especially God are of them. A card, a note, a small gift, or a word of congratulations will help them know that they are unique. Of course, keep them in your prayers as they transition to their next chapter.

Check with the school about our graduation celebrations. We would love to have you there either in person or in your thought and prayers. Do you know of someone you can share our school with? If so, please connect them directly with Melinda Widdicombe / [email protected] / 517-321-5565

Find about more about Greater Lansing School by clicking HERE.

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