The Lansing Church is looking for a new secretary! Vicky McKenzie, who has served our church for the last year and a half, has accepted the secretary job at Greater Lansing Adventist School. We will miss her terribly but are grateful that the school is receiving an excellent addition to its team.

We are now looking for a secretary on our end. If you or someone you know is looking for a part-time job, please contact Pastor Phil Mills.

Job Description

Job Title: Church Secretary

Supervisor: Phil Mills

Supervisor’s Title: Senior Pastor, Lansing SDA Church

Revised: Aug 9, 2022

Hours: 18 hours per week

Pay: $12.00/hour

Week Days: Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

Time: 8 AM to 12:30 PM (Except for Sunday, the other hours are flexible).

Position Summary: Performs general secretarial duties for the Lansing Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

Looking for someone who: Believes in and works towards an active church in our community. Ability to think critically, to assess other areas that need attention in connection with other facets of the work. 

Essential Job Functions: 

  • Email/Texts/Responses
  • Phone Messages Retrieval and Return
  • One Call
  • Opening Mail and Sorting
  • Communicate with Members regarding events
  • Coordination of events (Organize events by date (input each of the events that have come in, communicate with appropriate departments, then work through the location conflicts, download graphics and make sure each area of communication has received appropriate copies, etc.)
  • Posting Articles with appropriate graphics Online
  • Type weekly email to the communication team
  • Graphics for events and website
  • Send out invitations to upcoming events
  • Bulletin Design/Set-up
  • Bulletin Info Retrieval
  • Bulletin Print and Cut
  • Update online web bulletin
  • Pick up office supplies, Etc.
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Attend staff meetings, Pastor meetings, and church boards.
  • Set up and coordinate meals for District 7 meetings
  • Group coordination and upkeep in Planning Center
  • Calling Repair people for office machines/working with them onsite
  • Printing for other people
  • Water the Piano and office plants
  • Work with assistant pastor needs
  • Baptism gifts
  • Funeral duties
  • Typing of baptism names for glass enclosed foyer board
  • Hallway Entrance Bulletin Board
  • Church Secretarial Support of programs and evangelism

Knowledge and Skills: 

Working knowledge of or ability to learn: WordPress, layout, and design, Affinity publisher, email, Microsoft Word, Apple computer, Church Center.

Copy: Proficient in writing, proofing bulletins, announcements, and articles.

Typical Mental / Emotional Demands: Must be able to perform duties in a timely fashion; take directions from the direct supervisor; exercise prioritizing and organizational skills, and deal with the public and professional personnel in a pleasant manner.

Equipment: Has a personal laptop capable of running Affinity Publisher (the church does not provide a computer)

Additional Comments: 

Employees are required to comply with the standards, policies, and procedures of the Michigan Conference, including those set out in the Employee Handbook. 

This job description is intended to describe this position’s general nature and work responsibilities. All job responsibilities are subject to change as deemed necessary by the Lansing Church. The essential function of this position has been determined as of the effective date of this job description. This job description may be supplemented as changes in the position occur. Employees must comply with the supervisory instructions and perform other job duties and responsibilities required by their supervisor.

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