"The 300"

Saturday Morning at 11:10 AM

Lansing Church Bulletin

June 3, 2023

Sunset this Friday, June 2: 9:10 PM

Sunset this Saturday, June 3: 9:11 PM

Sunset next Friday, June 9: 9:15 PM

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CHURCH IN STUDY         10:00 a.m.

Adult Classes:

Sanctuary Left Back – Rose Nyakundi

Sanctuary Right Front – Brett Hahn

Choir Loft – Greg Cabose

Church Library – Jock McPhee

Fellowship Hall – Rod Dunneback

Youth Classes:

Cradle Roll (0-4) – Karen Cheeseman

Kindergarten (4-7) – Diane Dowell

Primary (7-10) – Megan Allen

Junior / Earliteen (10-14) – Amy Campbell

Youth (15+) – Jeremy Hall

Gathering        11:05 a.m.

Song Service

Worship Service        11:10 a.m.

Gathering: 11:05 AM

Song Service: Praise Team

Church In Worship: 11:10 AM

Welcome: Elder Rod Dunneback

Nominating Committee Second Reading: Pastor Phil Mills

Baby Dedication of Malachi Owiti: Pastor Phil Mills

Call to Worship: Elder Rod Dunneback

 Judges 7:4-8

Opening Hymn: Praise Team

#245 – “More About Jesus”

Invocation: Pastor Phil Mills

Children’s Offering: Congregation

Children’s Devotional: Pastor Juan Carlos Grajales

Baptism: Pastor Phil Mills

Offering Call: Elder Rod Dunneback

Local Church Budget

Offertory Music Piece: Sorensen Family

Call to Prayer: Elder Rod Dunneback

Special Music: Marion Peppers

Sermon: Pastor Phil Mills

“The 300″

Closing Hymn: Praise Team

#602 – “O Brother, Be Faithful”

Prayer of Benediction: Pastor Phil Mills

Community Service Center: Open every Wednesday from 9:00 am-3:00 pm, by appointment only. Call Snowrene Mitchel: 517-321-8238.


Upcoming Events

Recent Announcements

Soccer Night!

Soccer Night!

Family event! Bring your family to come to play soccer and other games like “capture the flag” with the youth starting at 5:00 pm this Sunday! We will have pizza & Ice cream for those who come. Sponsored by the Youth. When: Sunday, September 11, 2022, at 5:00 PM...

Looking for Housing

Looking for Housing

Nathan Hyde, who is moving back to our area, is looking for a room or apartment to rent for 2 months, possibly but not necessarily longer. He is looking forward to joining our church in our outreach to the community and also working with Dr. Azleton's practice. He...

Substitute Teachers Needed!

Substitute Teachers Needed!

Greater Lansing Adventist School is seeking Substitute Teachers for the 2022-2023 school year. This is a part-time, per-diem employment opportunity. Interested candidates must be 21 years old and a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. If you have a desire to...

Prayer Meeting – June Schedule

Prayer meeting is on pause until after Campmeeting. We will resume our prayer meeting schedule on Wednesday, June 21, 2023.

4-Week Exercise Challenge: June 1-25

The Lansing Church is launching a 4-week exercise challenge beginning on June 1. You are invited to participate! Nathan Hyde, certified group fitness instructor, will be leading out in the fitness challenge classes. Here are the details. 4-week exercise challenge June...

Meet Our Pathfinder Bible Experience Teams

Pathfinder Bible Experience testing is on the book of John this year. The Lansing Capital teams both have earned First Places at each of the 3 levels of testing so far: the Area level, Conference level and Union level. Of the 32 teams tested at the union level...

Religious Liberty Is Vital!

The Religious Liberty Offering will be taken on Sabbath, January 28, 2023. Please prepare for this upcoming annual offering. The collected offerings will be used to support the North American Division litigation fund to assist with defending our religious rights. In...

GLAS Penny Wars

It's time again for Greater Lansing Adventist School to be involved in a wonderful fundraiser called "Penny Wars."  This is a yearly fundraiser that all of our students, families and friends get involved in to support our school and ADRA families in need. If you feel...

Church Office Hours

See our Contact Us page for current office hours.

Lansing Church Leadership

  • Senior Pastor: Phil Mills
  • Asst. Pastor: Juan Carlos Grajales
  • Theological Intern Volunteer: Erik Christensen
  • Church Secretary: Melissa Sharley
  • Head Elder: Brian Kittleson
  • Finance Committee Chair: Tom Owiti
  • Treasurer: Jeff Allen
  • Communications Director: Sheri Christie
  • Head Deacon: David Christenson
  • Head Deaconess: Zamantha Hampton
  • Sabbath School: Bonnie Oetman
  • Clerk (Membership Transfers): Deanna Hutchins
  • Community Service Center: Snowrene Mitchell

Greater Lansing Adventist School


  • Principal: Melinda Widdicombe
  • Secretary: Sibonile Schulz/Vicky McKenzie
  • School Board Chair: Alex Fitzpatrick
  • Treasurer: Tony Dean

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