The first week of self-quarantine is finally behind us. Over this week we’ve seen COVID-19 increase drastically. I am thankful for state leadership that is taking steps to make sure that as few people as possible come down with this disease. However, no matter how much they try, it is the Lord who is the ultimate protector of His people. Stay close to Jesus, church. Keep your lives centered in Him.

Our Sabbath school department and Pastor team have been very busy preparing for in-home live Sabbath School for almost every age. That process is now finished and is being rolled out tomorrow. Almost every class in our church has moved online. If you select the “Live!” tab from the menu above, you’ll see several options. Church, prayer meeting, and Sabbath School. Navigate to your Sabbath School and follow the instructions.

Or you can click here: “Sabbath School-Live!”

During this time if physical separation, we are doing all we can to keep us connected as a congregation.

Next week, we will be moving forward with establishing small groups. We still need leaders. If you are interested, please go and sign up. You can find out more and sign-up: Here:

Happy Sabbath Church. I look forward to you joining us tomorrow for Sabbath School and Church.

Pastor Phil

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