The Lansing Adventist Community Services Center provides food and clothing assistance to those in need without regard to income.


Our Community Service Center is in the red-brick building, located behind and north of our church. We are open Wednesdays from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM and can be reached at 517-321-8238.  Assistance is normally given on an emergency basis. 
As the center serves the community, referrals are accepted from any organization, agency or church.  Adventist members and center volunteers may also become clients.


  • Every client must be interviewed before distributing clothing or food to establish their needs. Clients may be asked for information regarding source of income and how much time elapses between income checks.
  • A client with a referral from another agency (FIA/DHS/FOC, Red Cross, or another church) will not be interviewed except for inquiring about the size of the family.
  • Eligibility for assistance will also depend on whether the client resides in the Lansing geographical area.
  • All persons receiving clothing or food must be present at the center when distribution is made. All family members receiving goods must be present with their caregiver to receive them.  All children must live with the client.
  • Extended family members will be treated as a separate client. 
  • To receive a food box, you will need a referral from the Greater Lansing Food Bank.  Please contact them first at 517-887-5357.
  • We guarantee confidentiality to all our clients.  
You can join us in ministering to those in need by doing the following:
  • Participating in Everyone Bring One, a program where church or community members bring one non-perishable food item to church each Sabbath for the Community Service Center and Greater Lansing Food Bank.
  • Giving a tax-deductible monetary donation.
  • Donating food, clothing, and personal hygiene products. Receipts dated and signed by the director are provided.
  • Volunteering to help at the service center by sorting and preparing clothing and food for our clients.
  • We do not allow pets of any kind in the service center.
  • It is our policy not to give money to clients. Vouchers are frequently used for grocery stores, gas stations, etc. If you feel you have an exception to the rule, make your appeal directly to the Director of the Center.
  • The Center is a no-smoking facility.


Snowrene Mitchell, Director



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