The Lansing Prayer Warriors is an active ministry designed to connect church members and others directly to the throne room of God through prayer.  We believe that while prayer is the gift of God to all, it is our intention to be responsible and committed intercessors for those who trust us with their needs and special requests. 

Through our prayers, we want to form a bridge of support, connecting the disenfranchised, hurting, grieving, sick or lonely with the One who cares, fulfilling the commission to bear each others burdens.  We also want to celebrate and praise the Lord with those who glorify His name, recognizing when rich blessings flow from the hand of God.

Requests are received via e-mail, web form, telephone, bulletin insert, prayer/tithe box in the church foyer, word of mouth, or by simply learning of a need in the community.

We strive to be alert to happenings that impact our church members and actively pray about these things. We are learning that prayers are needed in a variety of areas and we do not put limitations on what we pray about. A record of requests received is kept as well as praises for answers to prayers.


  • We invite anyone interested in intentional prayer for others to become a Prayer Warrior and join us.
  • We meet together 2-3 times per year to discuss needs, critical areas and how to be more effective and grow.
  • 10 Days of Prayer happens worldwide once a year in the winter. For 10 days, church members spend focused time praying individually and together.  It is a blessing you will not want to miss!
  • For ministry events, please see our church calendar.


Use the link above to share your prayer request with our prayer team.

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