Secret Family

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect¬†safely with your church family!

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What’s Happening

The Secret Family is a fun and creative way to re-connect with our church family.

Once you sign-up, you will be assigned a family to secretly share with and surprise 3 times before Christmas. 


  • Send a card in the mail with a note/prayer
  • Drop a gift at the doorstep
  • Deliver a pre-made meal or desert
  • Amazon a gift to their home
  • Carol at the front door (not so secret I suppose)
  • Send flowers
  • Send pieces of the nativity set in separate mailings (especially if kids in the family)
  • Make and deliver homemade bread
  • Send small toys if the family has kids (cars, balloons, crafts, games, etc.)
  • Make a homemade craft (include a verse)
  • Leave a Christmas decoration in the front yard
  • Matching family socks
  • Family puzzle
  • Boardgame
  • Make and deliver a Christmas wreath
  • Send all ingredients and recipe for the family to make a dessert together
  • Make or send supplies to make a Christmas tree ornament
  • Send Bible verse on canvass with paint and brushes for the family to finish
  • Gingerbread house kit or supplies for the family to make
  • Custom made 2021 calendar


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