The Lansing Church has been providing Prison Ministry services since 2013. 
We started at the Lakeland facility and then moved to Jackson, Cooper St. when a need arose there. 
Since moving to Cooper St. the Ministry has grown from one volunteer providing service once a month to 6 to 10 inmates at our Sabbath afternoon service. 

We now have multiple volunteers who rotate each Sabbath. We have up to 20 inmates who come now and have had our first Communion service.

These men are VERY grateful for fellowship and worship services we are able to provide.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the “Church at Cooper St” please contact the Pastor or Elder Rod Dunneback about how to get approved. This involves a background check and a orientation session at the facility.

Anyone can participate through donations because there are always needs such as Bible’s, Sabbath School Quarterly’s, etc.

If you feel like helping financially just mark your Tithe envelope: Prison Ministry. 

Please pray for these brothers and their family’s, and for the volunteers. 

Elder Rod Dunneback, Director 2019-2020



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