Our mission through the Sabbath School / Bible Study ministry is to fully equip members and visitors through personal and corporate study of the Word of God to spread the gospel and actively participate in witnessing and evangelism. We see Sabbath School as the primary religious education program in our church and has four main purposes: study of the Bible, fellowship, community outreach, and world mission emphasis.
We welcome members and non-members to join us every Saturday morning!

Our Sabbath School classes are vibrant and informative and a great place to be on a Sabbath (Saturday) morning at 9:15. There is music, singing, friendship, and in-depth study.This time allows us to get to know Jesus better and share His love with one another.

There are several adult classes that study from adult lesson guides and each class has it’s own unique setting & culture. Most of our classes are studying from the Sabbath School Quarterly, authored, printed and distributed by the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. If you do not have a quarterly, you may request one or view it online, where it is also available in many other languages.

Classes in the Church:

  • Main Sanctuary (left/back) -Betty Abrams
  • Main Sanctuary (right/front) – Brett Hahn
  • Choir Room (behind baptistry) – Pastor Batista (Collegiate Class)
  • Computer Lab (young adult) – Chad Emig / Aaron Christenson (Young Adults)
  • New Members – (Fellowship hall) – Pastor / Elders
Classes in the School:
  • 1st Room on the right – Jock McPhee
  • 1st Room on the left – Mitch & Kim Bane
13th Sabbath: Our church is committed to missions. Every calendar quarter, a division of the world church receives the mission offerings of members worldwide.The back page of the Sabbath School Quarterly shows what projects that quarter’s mission offering will be helping.
This offering is taken on the 13th or last Sabbath of each quarter. Please give generously to these projects in your Mission Offering. This event is also accompanied by a special program in the sanctuary provided by all Sabbath School Classes. For more information on dates, please see our church calendar.  

Since the Sabbath School is an important branch of the missionary work, both young and old can benefit from actively participating.

If you feel you have the gift of teaching, you can contact the Sabbath School Superintendent to express your desire to be part of the Sabbath School Leaders team.

Bonnie Oetman, Sabbath School Superintendent 2019-2020
[email protected]

Study Guides

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