June 27 – Our First Sabbath In Person

It is time to come back to church! it’s hard to believe that three months have passed since we met last. The decision to close was very hard. I love our church. I love coming together, singing and worshipping together, seeing your smiling faces, hearing what is happening in your families, watching the Lord grow us closer to him. I know these last months have been difficult. Many of you have been furloughed. Some have lost family members to COVID-19. This is a reminder that this world is not our final home. I cannot wait for heaven.

As we begin to re-open our church, things will be a little different. However, it is the same church family, the same powerful God—who will bless us as we worship.

You should feel no pressure to come back if you are at high risk of contacting COVID-19. We understand that there are those who will choose to stay home. We welcome you to continue worshipping with us over livestream.

Quick Overview of what to expect as we re-open

Reopening Date: June 27 will be our first Sabbath for in-person services in the Lansing Seventh-day Adventist Church Sanctuary.

Note: We had considered having an outdoor service for this Sabbath, but after considering all the options it seemed best to meet in the Lansing Sanctuary.

2 Worship Services: Lansing Church is temporarily moving to two worship services. 

We understand that there are those who feel strongly that masks should be worn and those who feel strongly that they should not wear a mask. Two services will provide the opportunity to accommodate both groups. The first service will require face masks. The second service will not require face masks. The spacing for 6-foot social distancing between family units limits the number of people we can accommodate in our sanctuary to approximately 150.

Times of services: Will be announced early next week.

Registration: You will need to register ahead of the worship service to ensure you have a seat due to social distancing requirements.

Sabbath School: This will continue via Zoom through the month of July.

Fellowship Meals: No church fellowship meals at this time.

Prayer Meeting: This will continue via Zoom through the month of July.

Please: Take the time to read the important details in the link below.

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