Did you know the Adventist Church is blessed to have great light in the area of health?  When was the last time you studied our message, or maybe you are a new member and have never studied the health message?  If it has been a while or you never have studied it, then you might want to consider joining a group starting soon.  

“The Health Reform, I was shown, is part of the third angel’s message, and is just as closely connected with it as are the arm and hand with the human body.  I saw that we as a people must make an advance move in this great work.  Ministers and people must act in concert.  God’s people are not prepared for the loud cry of the third angel.  They have a work to do for themselves which they should not leave for God to do for them.  He has left this work for them to do.  It is an individual work; one cannot do it for another.”

Counsels on Diet and Foods, p 32-33

We, The Health Ministries Department, are looking for people to host a group in their home, leaders to lead a group even if not in your home, and those who want to be in a group.  The group would meet each week for roughly 8 to 12 weeks and would have time for fellowship, prayer, food and study.  Each Health group will be reading and studying Ellen White’s Counsels on Diet and Foods.  Study guides and recipes will be provided. So if God is moving on your heart to join a small group and study more about Health so you can minister to others, please call Jennifer Calvelage or Julie Klein who are working together to launch this study. 

“We have been given the work of advancing health reform.  The Lord desires his people to be in harmony with one another… Beware how you place yourself in opposition to the work of Health reform.  It will go forward, for it is the Lord’s means of lessening the suffering in our world, and of purifying His people… The Lord has given His people a message in regard to health reform.”   

Counsels on Diet and Foods p. 38

Why not prayerfully consider if God would have you to be a part of a small group this year and study our Health message more thoroughly?

If you are interested in hosting, then contact July Klein and Jennifer Calvelage.

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