How to Encourage Our Churches in Prison

By Rod Dunneback, Prison Ministry Leader

Because of COVID-19, prison ministry volunteers have not been able to visit the prisons for over 9 months. Even family members are not allowed to visit, leaving the prisoners more isolated than usual. 

During this time it has been very difficult to communicate with our SDA churches in the prisons. We continue to send in Sabbath school quarterlies and literature. Another thing we can do is write a letter to the church group (not to individuals) and let them know that someone is thinking about them and that someone cares. 

This is where we are inviting church members to get involved. We are suggesting a safe way for you to anonymously communicate with our church groups in the prisons. It is very easy to do, it only costs you a stamp, and it will mean a lot to people behind bars! 

Here’s how:

  1. Write a letter addressed from the Lansing SDA Church to the SDA group at each facility. Do not include your name or personal contact info in the letter or on the envelope. 
  2. Your letter can be a whole sermon if you feel so inclined, or a paragraph or two of encouragement. You can share what is going on in the Adventist church locally or around the world, Bible verses, Spirit of Prophecy quotes, etc. 
  3. Mail your letter to one or more of the three facilities below. Remember to use our church address as the return address. 

Cotton Correctional 
Atten. Phil Monahan, SDA group
3500 E. Elm Ave
Jackson MI 48902

Cooper St. Correctional 
Atten. Paul Young, SDA group
3100 Cooper St.
Jackson MI 48902

Carson City Correctional
Atten. Gerald Erskin-SDA group
Carson City, MI 48811

  1. Another option is to email your message to Rod Dunneback and he will take care of mailing it to the prisons. You can contact him at [email protected].

Please pray for our fellow believers in prison and take time to reach out and encourage them. 

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