Starting this Sabbath, January 16, 2021, the Lansing Church will be offering two services to accommodate as many people as possible during this difficult time of the pandemic.

The first service will start at 8:45 AM. Masks are required at this service. This service is for those who for various reasons need to have a mask mandated service. This is held first to allow maximal time for denaturing of possible COVID19 viruses on the hard surfaces of the sanctuary. There will be no exceptions allowed for face coverings during this service. If you have a medical reason which prevents you from wearing a mask, then we would ask that you come to the second service.

Sabbath School: The Sabbath School council will be meeting in the next week to decide what the policy regarding masks will be for the upper and lower divisions. Until then, we ask that attendees continue to wear masks during this time to accommodate those who may have health reasons for needing to be more careful.

The second service: will start at 11:15 Am. This service is masks optional. What ever your personal choice is, you will be welcomed to attend. If you feel that you should wear or not wear, this service is set-up to accommodate you. During this service, we ask that all attendees respect the choices of those who may view masks differently then you do.

We live in unusual times. The challenges that we are facing are large. How grateful we can be that God is carrying His church forward. We have nothing to fear as He makes His way clear to each one of us.

Looking forward to seeing you this Sabbath as we worship our Lord and King!

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