by Jessica Wehrmeyer, Social Committee Leader

The social committee had a wonderful opportunity to bring some joy to our homebound
members during the Christmas holiday. During our November Church Board Meeting,
right as we went back into suspending in person worship services, pastor challenged
each ministry leader to find ways to still stay connected.

I immediately contacted my team of amazing ladies and said, “What can we do?” We
came up with the idea to put together some gift bags and have them delivered to our
homebound members.

First we had to find out who those members are. Thankfully Bonnie Oetman had a list,
for which we were grateful.

Next we needed to find out how the five of us on social committee could safely buy, bag
up the gifts and deliver them. Well, Amazon was one of our next answerers! Once we
decided what we wanted to buy, we each picked an item or two to research and order.
Once our items arrived, Becky Smith was willing to bag them up.

Lastly, we needed to figure out how to get the gifts to our members. That is where our
Head Elder, Brian Kittleson, came in. He led the charge with our elders to hand deliver
each of the 23 gift bags that were assembled. Let me tell you, these were a blessing to
each member that received one. The members enjoyed the activity books, 2021
calendars and treats to name a few.
Thank you, church, for your support to our social committee ministry. It takes a team to
stay connected, and that is just what we saw with this fun holiday project.

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