Over the next year, our church has voted to move forward in aggressively reaching the greater Lansing area for Jesus Christ! The plan is large. It encompasses reaching out communities upon multiple facets. A number of entities are joining us in this endeavor, and are leveraging the funds we raise considerably.

Evangelism Budget Goal: $35,000 by May

Between now and May, our church has voted to raise $35,000.This may seem like a lot, but if all of us give, these funds will be raised quickly. Two years ago, we raised over $65,000 for electrical upgrades, A/C, and solar panels. God raised those funds in just a few months. Last year God brought in $65,000 in the form of a piano, $7,000 for a wood floor, $55,000 for a company evangelism coordinator.

Can God do this?

God needs you! If 100 people in our church each donated $350, the evangelism budget would be completely raised. If you were to split those funds over 5 months, that’s $17.50 /week or the price of two meals at Subway.

I’d like to encourage you to think through what can you give to help our church reach out and win souls this next year. If you are parents, think through how your children can be a part of raising funds to win the City of Lansing for Jesus Christ. Maybe they can make bread, grind peanut butter, raise chickens, etc. Let’s all be a part of raising these funds and watch what God is going to do as we move this forward.

What to do

Set a goal.

Below is a link to an online pledge form. Fill this form out and submit it (there will also be forms available in church on Sabbath). Commit, in a solemn pledge to God, to donate a set amount. You can choose one of the options or set your own amount.

Here is the pledge form: https://forms.gle/FRwvbwNHZ24NXit46

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