Dina Mojica is our church’s new Company Evangelism Coordinator. Dina was born in Riverside,
CA. When she reached the age of three, her dad felt a calling from God to become a pastor. As
a result, the Mojica family left the United States for Mexico, where he would pursue his studies.

Dina lived in Mexico until the age of fifteen, when her parents decided to send her to Daystar
Adventist Academy in Moab, Utah, so that she could learn English and continue her studies. Her
first year back in the United States was difficult because she neither spoke the language nor
knew anybody at her new school. But that year was also a blessing in that she was able to start
growing closer to God as her personal Savior and Friend. From Daystar she transferred to Milo
Adventist Academy in Oregon, where she graduated.

After graduating Dina prayed about whether she should return to Mexico for college or
continue pursuing her education in the United States. A door was opened for her to study at La
Sierra University, where she studied for one year. After her freshman year at La Sierra, Dina
began thinking about summer jobs and ultimately decided to canvass with Youth Rush. It was
during this summer that her love for literature ministries blossomed and her relationship with
God strengthened. As a result of her experience with Youth Rush, she decided to leave La Sierra
to attend SOULS West Bible College in Arizona.

Her time at SOULS West led to her becoming a Youth Rush leader and eventually program head
as she served in canvassing teams from Indiana to Las Vegas to Arizona. After graduating from
SOULS West, Dina was hired by the Nevada-Utah Conference as the assistant literature
ministries director for the conference’s holistic evangelism ministry THRIVE.

It was during this time that Dina met Andrew Coelho after a friend introduced them at GYC.
Andrew helped Dina put together a website for THRIVE and the two got to know each other
better before ultimately courting and then getting married two years later. Shortly after their
wedding, Dina and Andrew moved to Brazil, where Andrew’s family is from. It was while they
were in Brazil that they received the call from the Lansing SDA Church for Dina to be the new
Company Evangelism Coordinator. After much prayer, the couple decided to accept the call.
Because Andrew is a software engineer who works remotely for a company based out of New
York City, they would be able to move to Lansing without any disruption to his employment.
Over the next few months Dina finished her degree in Human Resources and the couple
embarked on their journey to Lansing.

Since arriving in Lansing, Dina and Andrew have enjoyed adapting to their new surroundings
and have been especially happy to meet the church members. The first project Dina will be
helping to launch is evangelistic small groups in the church. Through these small groups, church
members will have the opportunity to invite their neighbors, friends, family, etc., to fellowship
and study God’s Word together. The ultimate goal of these small groups is to reach the
community using a series of evangelistic methods that are being developed as part of a new
study guide.

If we all reach one, we can soon reach all! Church small groups are meant to be a light in the
communities we live in, and what better time to let that light shine than NOW!
If you are interested in getting involved in company evangelism, please contact Dina Mojica at
(951) 892-6512. There will be a meeting on Sabbath, April 3, at 3:00 p.m. at the church for
anyone interested in leading a small group. Dina is also coordinating literature outreach on the
fourth Sabbath of each month.

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