At the “Open Mic – Looking Ahead” program last Sabbath we learned about several key
components of the Lansing Church’s ambitious evangelistic plan and how we as members can be involved.

First Pastor Mills shared the biblical foundation for our evangelistic approach. Matthew 4:23 and 9:35 outline Jesus’ method of combining healing, teaching, and preaching. In this section of the gospel, Matthew records three times as many healings as preaching/teaching occasions. Our goal is to align our outreach more closely with Jesus’ model, spending more time caring for people’s urgent needs as we seek opportunities to win them to Christ. We are already implementing Christ’s model through homeless ministry, community outreach, Fieldwork, and other ministry activities. The following three new ventures will expand our ability to reach people, meet their needs, and invite them to follow Jesus.

Small Groups

Small groups were launched in April to provide fellowship and spiritual enrichment for church members and nonmembers. Seven small groups are already meeting consistently, studying a series of Bible lessons focused on unity. These groups have already begun conducting weekly and monthly outreach activities that enable group members to connect with neighbors and others in the community. Over the next few months, group members will begin inviting these contacts to study the Bible, participate in the small group, and/or attend church.

Group members shared exciting testimonies this Sabbath about how they have ministered to friends and neighbors and been able to share their faith in meaningful ways. 

To join or start an evangelistic small group, talk to Dina Mojica, who serves as the company evangelism coordinator for our church.


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 CROSS Trainers/Youth Rush

A Youth Rush student literature evangelism team is here for the summer, led by Seth Roberts.
Over the past two weeks of knocking on doors selling Christian books, they have already found
34 people interested in Bible studies! Church members are needed to follow up on these

Seth will also head a smaller group of students called CROSS Trainers who will be here
throughout the school year. CROSS stands for Churches Reaching Out to Serve and Save. These
young people are trained and experienced in gospel-medical evangelism. They will train and mentor lay people in personal evangelism and health ministry and help to coordinate our
church’s efforts in those areas, while supporting themselves and making new contacts through
literature evangelism.

Learn more about the CROSS Trainer program at If you are able to
provide lodging for one or more young people during the school year (August 2021 – May 2022),
please contact Pastor Phil or Pastor Jerico. 


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Lansing Family and Lifestyle Medicine Clinic

Dr. Kimberly Azelton is an Adventist physician who is board-certified in family medicine and
lifestyle medicine. She will be setting up her practice in Lansing later this summer. In addition to
offering traditional medical care, her clinic will help patients overcome illnesses such as
diabetes and heart disease by making lifestyle changes such as adopting a healthier diet and
starting an exercise program.

Church members will be trained as cooking partners and exercise partners to assist and
encourage patients on their journey to healthier living. As we build friendships with these
people who are eager to learn, we will have many opportunities to share Jesus.

How to Get Involved

If you would like to get involved in these evangelistic ministries, the first step is to take the
interest survey. It has a wide variety of practical ministries that you can select based on your
skills and interests: cooking, exercise, home repair, yard work, tutoring, Bible studies, and many
more. This survey will help us match volunteers with people in need of services.

We’ll get better acquainted with Seth and Dr. Azelton and learn much more about their
ministries in future articles. Please keep these exciting initiatives in prayer.

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