The Advent Bookcase offers free Adventist literature 24 hours a day at the All Washed Up laundromat, located at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and Holmes Rd. Our church’s participation in the community outreach at Logan Square opened the opportunity to set up this free literature station that has already given away dozens of truth-filled books and magazines!  

Each third Sabbath of the month during the community outreach, a local business provides funds so those in need can wash clothes free of charge at this laundromat. Zamantha Hampton, one of the leaders of the outreach team from our church, got the idea of setting up a free literature station at the laundromat. “I talked to the owner’s wife, and she liked the idea,” Zamantha said. 

So Zamantha found a used bookcase and filled it with books such as The Great Controversy and Peace Above the Storm. She went back a few days later and was surprised to see that the bookcase was half empty! (See before and after pictures below.) She restocked the shelves and has had to do so multiple times since then. 

One day when she went to refill the shelves, Zamantha talked with an employee (pictured at top), who asked if she had any Bibles. “I need to start reading the Word of the Lord,” he told her. 

Zamantha was happy to fill this need. “He was blessed with the exact Bible he’s been looking for, which is KJV in large print,” she said. 

From June 18 to July 27 the Advent Bookcase gave out more than 200 books, including more than 50 Great Controversy books. Praise the Lord that people are reading these books! 

Zamantha is eager for help from church members in continuing this outreach. You can donate funds for purchasing literature, or you can bring gently used Adventist books, magazines, Bibles, and Sabbath school materials for children or adults. Bring donated books to the community outreach table in the church foyer. 

Volunteers are also needed to visit the laundromat and refill the bookcase. If you would like to help, please contact Zamantha. 

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