Dear Church Family and Friends:

This year I have the privilege of directing 17 ringers (students) in the Greater Lansing Adventist School. Handbell choir to learn and perform sacred music for several events during the school year. One event that is coming up very quickly is the annual RingFest event in Toledo, Ohio. All 17 ringers are available and have the privilege to attend this year’s RingFest event held at Toledo First Seventh-day Adventist Church in Toledo, Ohio, on October 27-29, 2021.

Our school has been attending this event for over 17 years, together with 13 other SDA academies and junior academies from across the country. Each year, and this year is no exception, there are world class clinicians (conductors) that are brought in to direct the ringers at the RingFest event. Some of the clinicians are the ones that composed the music the schools are privileged to play! We will spend two and a half days registering, rehearsing with the clinicians, and ultimately performing at the RingFest concert. It is my understanding that the concert will be broadcast live and available online at at 7:30 p.m., on October 29, 2021.


For the ringers to attend and preform at this event and have adequate amount of chaperones to watch over them, it of course takes some funding. Each year we have to purchase the required music, pay registration fees, food, and transportation costs, as well as reserve hotel rooms to stay at.

This year, each ringer will need to raise approximately $170 in order to make the trip possible for him or her. If you are able and willing to financially support the GLAS Handbell choir ringers, it would be greatly appreciated!

Some of the GLAS Handbell choir ringers have used their gifts of playing handbells in the past at a retirement center in Holt, notably once near Christmas time for a holiday concert. The GLAS Handbell choir has also played in the past, Christmas music at the Okemos mall near the food court and we are looking to do that this year as well!

The GLAS Handbell choir is a great experience for the GLAS students who are in the grade level to be in, in order to develop their musical skills and service to others as they continue to grow spiritually and academically during the school year here at GLAS!


As you may already know the 4-octave Malmark handbells, which GLAS is blessed to own and the GLAS Handbell choir uses to perform with, are expensive to purchase; $22,750 if purchased today. GLAS is also blessed to own chimes to complement its GLAS Handbell choir performances, such as the upcoming RingFest event.

The current purchase price for the handbells GLAS doesn’t own and its corresponding cases is $12,145. I am still working on gathering information regarding the purchase price for the hand chimes GLAS does not own. If you are able and willing to provide funds to purchase these handbells and/or hand chimes, it would be nearly appreciated!


Depending on what the Lord impresses you to give towards, donations can be made out to GLAS, with a note to either “Ringfest Event”, “Purchase of Handbells/HandChimes”, or both by putting “GLAS Handbell Choir Fund”; or give you can also give the check directly to me. If you are helping with the ringers cost of RingFest, RingFest funds are due by Oct. 10. We can give you a receipt for tax purposes as well.

I thank you in advance with whatever you can help with and also ask you to continue to pray for the school and its handbell choir.

Please do not hesitate to contact me thru the GLAS school office, if you have any questions or concerns. God bless!


E. Howard Chambi

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