I was a young single parent and couldn’t financially pull together a Thanksgiving meal for my son and I. I embarrassingly made small mention of this to a church member hoping they wouldn’t tell others. They didn’t, but instead handed me a piece of paper with a number and told me to call it. I did and found it was a local church that was looking to give a thanksgiving basket to a family in need. I was definitely that. I showed up on a certain day and was blessed with boxes, not one box, not a bag of groceries, but multiple boxes of food. I immediately thanked God for His watch care through these wonderful, kind people. I can’t begin to describe what this not only did for my faith in mankind, but for my faith in the One who really cares.

Wont you please consider giving to this ministry? Be a beacon of light for God through a Thanksgiving Food Basket. $45-50 will fill many boxes and many mouths and will go along way to feed a family well after Thanksgiving….It’s really a small price to pay for a huge reward.

Just mark your title envelopes or online option “Thanksgiving Food Baskets” or talk to Deanna Hutchins. You won’t be sorry you did. 🙂

The Deadline for donations is November 24. Share funds – Feed Families!

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