I looked outside and saw the blanket of white covering everything. I wondered where God has all the little creatures take shelter from the cold. Then I thought of the homeless people, whom God’s eye is ever on, who sleep on pieces of cardboard and stand on corners seeking a small pittance to keep them going…How do they survive the cold? I sent up a silent prayer for them all. How could I help? Have you considered that? There is an answer.

The Community Outreach and Homeless Ministry teams are collecting gently used winter coats, gloves and warm blankets for the needy in the month of January. A donation box is set up in the foyer, just inside the main entrance of the church for any donations that you may want to give.

The Bible says the needy will always be with us, but it also says that by serving them, we are serving Him. Serving doesn’t have to be difficult. You can help the needy stay warm a number of ways, such as donating warm blankets or gloves or even winter coats and hats, but you can also donate your time an/or money to this ministry. Contact Zamantha Hampton for more information on how you can join this ministry and be the hands and feet of Jesus or simply mark your tithe envelopes “NEEDY” if you are able to donate money to help with the purchase of items.

Thank you for thoughtfully considering what you can do to help the needy. Stay blessed and stay warm!

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