This is not only the season but the way we live life these days. We all know someone who is sick with Covid or sick with the flu or Delta Virus or Omicron or something else. It seems all around us and I find myself thinking, “well it’s only a matter of time before I’m at home nursing something”. Unfortunately, viruses, bacteria, and other sources of illness do not discriminate. But I’m so thankful that God has given us practical applications found in nature and simple remedies that will help us alleviate what might otherwise be a slower and more intense recovery time. Enter Respiratory Care Kits.

The Lansing Seventh-day Church has put together a Respiratory Care Kit that is available to its members. This kit includes many items that can help to alleviate symptoms of not only the common cold but viruses as well. The purpose of making this kit available is to educate people on these simple remedies and make them aware that there are some practical steps that can be taken to help themselves. Once you’ve had a kit, you are now aware of how you can better facilitate your wellness and the wellness of others. Of course, this kit is not a cure, but a tool that can start you on the road to recovery.

If you feel as tho you are experiencing some strong symptoms or know of someone experiencing the same and are interested in checking out one of these kits, you can sign up for a kit by going HERE and filling out a form. Please note it is one per family. When you’re feeling better, we’ll be happy to pick it up so the next person in line will be able to obtain it once it is re-stocked and sanitized. Please remember that there are limited kits available and many people feel ill so getting the kit back as soon as you’re done with it will help us to help more people.

“When sickness comes, it is essential that we employ the varied agencies which, in co-operation with nature’s efforts, will build up the body and restore the health.” MH 7.4

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