Vacation Bible School was a great success! We had each night, on average, 45-50 students from the Kingdom arrive to learn valuable lessons about keeping all 5 senses and their minds and bodies guarded against the enemy. They also met with eight doctors of the Kingdom who taught them how to be on guard by taking proper care of their own castles.

Upon entering the castle, students would see expertly crafted castle paraphernalia such as brick walls, brick-lined hallways lit with fire torches, and a fully functional drawstring door that allowed occupants to enter and leave. Students from the Kingdom learned that there was an enemy that wanted to destroy them, but more importantly, who the King was who will keep them safe if allowed to rule their castle.

If you weren’t able to make the trip to view and learn of the castle this year, perhaps you can make it to vacation bible school next year where we’ll learn more important truths from God’s Word! We’ll plan to see you!

Pictured are some important brave knights from the Kingdom.

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