It’s time again for Greater Lansing Adventist School to be involved in a wonderful fundraiser called “Penny Wars.”  This is a yearly fundraiser that all of our students, families and friends get involved in to support our school and ADRA families in need. If you feel inclined to be a part of this fundraiser or just want to know how it’s done – please keep reading.

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – GLAS declares this Penny War!

January 26 – February 9 are the dates of collecting pennies (and other coins).

Each grade has a container to drop pennies into between 1/26 – 2/9. Each penny is worth a point.


Grades can sabotage each other and try to deduct points by dropping any silver coins into the bucket. Quarters subtract .25, dimes .10 and so on. The grade level that has the most points at the end wins!

All proceeds will be donated to our charity of choice – ADRA. This year we will be raising money for something EGGS-ellent…. Chickens! By helping a family start raising chickens, you’ll give them food to eat and eggs to sell at the market. This means more money for clothes, school, and other necessities.

It costs $44 to buy two hens and chicken feed, and this helps the family to begin their new project.

You can donate too by sending coins and other monies or checks for this Penny War fundraiser. Loose coins can be turned in to the office anytime and checks can be made out to GLAS and put “penny wars” in the memo. Feel free to call the school office if you have questions: (517)321-5565.   

Thanks for your support!

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