by Julie Klein, Adventurer Leader

Have you seen this box in the foyer and wondered what it was for? Perhaps you missed Adventurer Sabbath last January, when the Adventurers challenged you to join them in bringing your offerings every week to keep the fund for church repairs well stocked. In fact, we would love to see it filled to overflowing like when King Joash put out a box for the people to bring money for the temple repairs. He eventually had to tell them to stop because it was full and they had enough. 

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When you see the “Church Repairs” box in the foyer, it is a visual reminder to dig into your pockets or purse and see what you can place in the box so that it is overflowing with funds for the house of God. If necessary, find a way each week to earn something or deny yourself something and set aside a small bit to place in that box for the Lord. His house should be the best house in the land.  

We recently replaced our roof, but we still have a parking lot and doors that need repair and replacement. How much sooner can we fix those things if we all give something every week?  

In the book Maranatha, Ellen White wrote, “Many would be surprised to see how much could be saved for the cause of God by acts of self-denial. The small sums saved by deeds of sacrifice will do MORE for the upbuilding of God than larger gifts will accomplish that have not called for denial of self.”  

What can you give up to help fill this box each week? Like the children in our Adventurer Club, set up a small jar in your home where you can place your “self-denial money” to bring each Sabbath! Then watch to see how the Lord will bless the ministry efforts of our church as we give sacrificially.


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