by Julie Klein

This year the Hospitality ministry is having a small-group luncheon every Sabbath so that guests or those looking for fellowship always have a place to eat. This is an ideal time for visitors and church members to intermingle and get to know each other like family in the spirit of unity and togetherness. No one is obligated to attend the meal every Sabbath, but we want to have this service available every week for those who need it. 

All small-group luncheons are open to anyone, not just the group hosting it. The default location is the fellowship hall unless there is a special activity or the weather is good enough for outdoor picnic. 

We also have an all-church fellowship meal on the fourth Sabbath of the month. All-church fellowship meals will be held in the GLAS gym to accommodate the larger group. 

We are all called by the Lord to be hospitable to one another. Not one group or one person is to be hospitable, but all of us. Meditate on the following:

“A lover of hospitality” is among the specifications given by the Holy Spirit as marking one who is to bear responsibility in the church. And to the whole church is given the injunction: “Use hospitality one to another without grudging….” 1 Peter 4:9, 10.

These admonitions have been strangely neglected. Even among those who profess to be Christians, true hospitality is little exercised. Among our own people the opportunity of showing hospitality is not regarded as it should be, as a privilege and blessing. There is altogether too little sociability, too little of a disposition to make room for two or three more at the family board, without embarrassment or parade. Some plead that “it is too much trouble.” It would not be if you would say: “We have made no special preparation, but you are welcome to what we have.” By the unexpected guest a welcome is appreciated far more than is the most elaborate preparation….

Christ keeps an account of every expense incurred in entertaining for His sake. He supplies all that is necessary for this work. Those who for Christ’s sake entertain their brethren, doing their best to make the visit profitable both to their guests and to themselves, are recorded in heaven as worthy of special blessings. (Ellen White, Testimonies for the Church, vol. 6, p. 342-345) 

With this in mind, Hospitality is asking the ministries of the church, Sabbath school groups and other individuals or small groups to sign up to host the luncheon once or twice a year. As an added benefit, people in the church can meet the people in your ministry/group and perhaps join your team as they learn more about you and what your team does in the church.

If you are able to host a lunch, please contact Julie Klein, the Hospitality director for this year, to pick a date. All that is required of you is to bring a ready-to-serve dish of food to share with others and show love and friendship to those who attend. May the Lord bless us as we seek to be lovers of hospitality!

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