Every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm, soccer lovers from the Greater Lansing area meet for a friendly game in the GLAS gym. 

“Our goal in starting soccer nights was to create a space for Adventist members to join from across the city and invite their community friends to play,” says Pastor Juan Carlos Grajales, who coordinates soccer nights along with Pastor David Pano from Willliamston and Matthew Kittleson from U-Church in East Lansing. 

Up to a dozen people come each week—about half from the community. “We look to play the sport in a Christlike way, where we congratulate each other, even those on the opposing team,” says Pastor JC. “The spirit of competition is reduced as we focus on exercise and fitness.”

In warmer weather, soccer night takes place at Patriarche Park, 1100 Alton Rd, East Lansing. See Pastor JC for more information. 

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