Lansing Church Bulletin

Bulletin for October 23, 2021

Sundown Tonight: 6:43 PM   •    Sunset Friday, Oct. 29, 6:35 PM 


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Church in Worship

Welcome: Charles O Okuka

Ministry Moment:  Deaconess Dedication

Introit: Praise Team

Invocation: Charles O Okuka

Songs of Praise: Praise Team

#341 To God Be the Glory

Childrens Devotional: Dave Christenson

Offering Call: Benjamin Jacokes

Call to Prayer: Charles O Okuka

Scripture: John 5:6-9 – Daniel Jacokes

Special Music: Jason Lounds

Sermon: Pastor Phil Mills

“The Healing Christ”

Closing Hymn: Praise Team

#286 Wonderful Words of Life

Prayer of Benediction: Pastor Mills

This Week’s Announcements

The Holy Spirit

Bringing People Closer to God This is the testimony of Richard Prangley,and his conversion to the Lord Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is Richard’s desire for everyone living on this earth during these challenging times to know and understand the...

CROSS Trainers Help Lansing Church Launch Medical Evangelism

Three young adults arrived recently in the Lansing area to help our church establish a health evangelism ministry that will meet people’s practical needs and develop their hunger for Christ. The three CROSS Trainers—Kimberly Agosto, Elijah Hartman, and Lily...

GLAS RingFest Event Need

Dear Church Family and Friends: This year I have the privilege of directing 17 ringers (students) in the Greater Lansing Adventist School. Handbell choir to learn and perform sacred music for several events during the school year. One event that is coming up very...

A Call to Prayer

"It is our work, by confession, humiliation, repentance, and earnest prayer, to fulfill the conditions upon which God has promised to grant us His blessing. A revival need be expected only in answer to prayer."...and "We must pray more, and talk less." EGW Prayer...

Advent Bookcase Gives Out 200+ Books

The Advent Bookcase offers free Adventist literature 24 hours a day at the All Washed Up laundromat, located at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and Holmes Rd. Our church’s participation in the community outreach at Logan Square opened the opportunity to set...

Church Office Hours

Tuesday – Friday

8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Lansing Church Leadership

  • Senior Pastor: Phil Mills
  • Assistant Pastor: Jerico Batista
  • Company Evangelism Coordinator: Dina Mojica-Coehlo
  • Church Secretary: Vicky McKenzie
  • Head Elder: Brian Kittleson
  • Head Shepherdess: Ella Cousins
  • Finance Committee Chair: Tom Owiti
  • Treasurer: Jeff Allen
  • Communications Director: Sheri Christie
  • Personal Ministries Director: Paul Wehrmeyer
  • Head Deacon: David Christenson
  • Head Deaconess: Zamantha Hampton
  • Sabbath School: Bonnie Oetman
  • Clerk (Membership Transfers): Deanna Hutchins
  • Community Service Center: Snowrene Mitchell

Greater Lansing Adventist School

  • Principal: Melinda Widdicombe
  • Secretary: Sibonile Schulz
  • School Board Chair: Alex Fitzpatrick
  • Treasurer: Tony Dean

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