Lansing Church Bulletin

Bulletin for May 28,  2022

Sundown: May 28, 9:07 PM   •    Sunset Friday: June 3, 9:12 PM 

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Call to Action: “Jesus Is Coming Again”

Faith In Action: Baby Dedication;

Weston Gabriel Cooper

Call to Worship: Praise Team

Invocation: Pastor Jerico Batista

 Opening Hymn: Praise Team

#187 “Jesus, What a Friend for Sinners”

Children’s Devotional: Kroeger Iobst

Offering Call: Darysse Ornevil

Call to Prayer: Olson Ornevil

Scripture: Darysse Orevil

John 13:35

Special Music: Justine & Judy Klein

Sermon: Pastor Jerico Batista

“The 16th Second”

Closing Hymn: Praise Team

#602 “O Brother, Be Faithful”

Prayer of Benediction: Pastor Jerico Batista

Church in Study

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Visit our Sabbath School page for information about classes for children and adults.

John 13:35

New Kings James Version

Become a Health Partner

There are people in our community that are ready to make healthy changes in their life. A health partner is someone who joins them on their journey of change.

We need members who are willing to join them, as a friend, on their journey of change. It can be walking, cooking, encouraging, etc. Interested? Find out more by signing up below!

This Week’s Announcements

Thank You For Supporting Our School

Greater Lansing Adventist School wants to thank you for the support of the school and especially our exceptional faculty and students. As the school takes a much needed break, continue to remember the school in your thought and prayers. Some of those who would love to...


Hello Church Family! It has been a blessing to see more people coming back to church now that the pandemic is officially over. It has been a long two years! This is just a little reminder/notice that we will occasionally be having vespers programs again, concerts,...

Eyes for India

We would like to offer you the opportunity to become involved in a medical project we support to help the people of India through a program operated by an It Is Written outreach ministry called Eyes for India. This is an opportunity for people in India to receive free...

Ukraine Offering

The General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists has established an avenue to help with aiding the crisis in Ukraine.  This is not ADRA funding as they will have their own separate donation process, but we are told that the GC will handle these funds for relief...

Debt Is Not Your Friend

by Paul Jacokes In the mid 1990's, I went to college and accumulated some very heavy debt. Those "free" pizzas to sign up for a credit card seemed like a good deal at the time. Credit card debt in addition to student loans made what should have been an exciting time a...

Church Office Hours

See our Contact Us page for current office hours.

Lansing Church Leadership

  • Senior Pastor: Phil Mills
  • Assistant Pastor: Jerico Batista
  • Church Secretary: Vicky McKenzie
  • Head Elder: Brian Kittleson
  • Head Shepherdess: Ella Cousins
  • Finance Committee Chair: Tom Owiti
  • Treasurer: Jeff Allen
  • Communications Director: Sheri Christie
  • Head Deacon: David Christenson
  • Head Deaconess: Zamantha Hampton
  • Sabbath School: Bonnie Oetman
  • Clerk (Membership Transfers): Deanna Hutchins
  • Community Service Center: Snowrene Mitchell

Greater Lansing Adventist School

  • Principal: Melinda Widdicombe
  • Secretary: Sibonile Schulz
  • School Board Chair: Alex Fitzpatrick
  • Treasurer: Tony Dean

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