Bulletin for January  23, 2021


Sundown Tonight: 5:40 PM   •    Sunset Friday, January 29, 5:47 PM 


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Church in Worship

8:45 AM – First Service – Masks Required
 10:00 AM – Sabbath School
 11:15 AM – Second Service – Masks Optional

Welcome: Clinton Hansen

Ministry moment: Paul Wehrmeyer


 Praise Songs

Offering Appeal: Gordon Wiggins

Michigan Advance Partners (MAP) 

Prayer Time: Clinton Hansen

Scripture Reading:  Chase Hansen

Judges 6:16

Special Music: Tricia Hall

Sermon: Pastor Jerico Batista

Lighting Up Lansing – Action

Closing Hymn: On Jordan’s Stormy Banks I Stand

Benediction: Pastor Jerico Batista

Welcome: Clinton Hansen

Adventurer procession: Onward Christian Soliders

Adventure song, pledge, and law

Ministry moment: Paul Wehrmeyer


 Praise Songs

Offering Appeal:  Benjamin Griffin

Michigan Advance Partners (MAP) 

Children’s Story:  Judy Klein

Adventurer Ministry Highlight: Julie Klein

Prayer Time: Felicity Rodriguez

Scripture Reading: Andre Kravchenko

Judges 6:16

Special Music: Keola Majee

 Sermon: Pastor Jerico Batista

Lighting Up Lansing – Action

Closing Hymn: “Take My Life And Let It Be”

Benediction: Pastor Jerico Batista

Church in Study

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

This Week’s Announcements

Adventism & Religious Liberty

Adventists have a unique understanding of religious liberty. Now more than ever, it’s important to highlight our historic position regarding the separation of church and state, showcase the prophetic role of America in prophecy, and reinforce how we might respond when...

Religious Liberty

In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson will talk about one cause of suffering around the world: religious persecution. How can Adventists promote religious freedom around the world? There are millions of people who are suffering around the world, often from causes that receive very little or no attention in the news.

Ministry Profile: Elders

by Brian Kittleson, Head Elder What are Elders? Elders are: 1) called by God. 2) elected by their congregation. The call to be an elder is first and foremost a call from God. The church then recognizes the elders’ gifts for leadership and elects them to office. Elders...

Passing of Richard McDonald

It is with a sad heart that we inform our church of the passing of Richard "Mac" McDonald passed away on January 14, 2021. He has been a long member of our church and has touched so many of our lives. The family appreciates your prayers and thoughts during this time....

Manna Still Falls!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ntadn2DHRGQ Special report from the Southern Africa Ocean Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church It is an amazing story. In Angola, to this day, manna still falls upon the ground. Pastor Mills has a friend, in Berrien Springs, who...

Important Business Meeting

The church business meeting this week is very important. Don’t miss this critical time to be apart of deciding which direction the Lord would have us go.

Worship Service Update

Starting this Sabbath, January 16, 2021, the Lansing Church will be offering two services to accommodate as many people as possible during this difficult time of the pandemic. The first service will start at 8:45 AM. Masks are required at this service. This service is...

Final Events Study – Prayer Meeting

Our society is angry, afraid, and confused. There is a painful divide within our country. I have talked to a number of people who are looking with fear towards coming events. We are often afraid of what we do not understand. This lack of understanding also puts us in...

Elmer Johnson

It is with great sadness we share that Elmer Johnson, 92, husband of Dorothy, passed away Monday morning, January 4. There will not be a memorial service at this time, but you are welcome to send your condolences to Dorothy. Keep her and their families in your...

The Necessity of Harmony

In my devotions this morning, I was directed to the following article. I have been greatly saddened by the events over the last couple of days in our country. This article spoke to me about the importance of unity within our church. I trust it will be as much a...

Lansing Church Leadership

  • Senior Pastor: Phil Mills
  • Assistant Pastor: Jerico Batista,
  • Head Elder: Brian Kittleson
  • Head Shepherdess: Ella Cousins
  • Finance Committee Chair: Tom Owiti
  • Treasurer: Jeff Allen
  • Communications Director: Sheri Christie
  • Personal Ministries Director: Paul Wehrmeyer
  • Head Deacon: Jock McPhee
  • Head Deaconess: Zamantha Hampton
  • Sabbath School: Bonnie Oetman
  • Clerk (Membership Transfers): Deanna Hutchins
  • Community Service Center: Snowrene Mitchell

Greater Lansing Adventist School


  • Principal: Melinda Widdicombe
  • Secretary: Trish Hall
  • School Board Chair: Alex Fitzpatrick
  • Treasurer: Tony Dean

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